Our vision is to be a multicultural movement of mature, glad-hearted followers of Jesus Christ, deeply embracing life while living out our discipleship in the world.


We value biblical knowledge and understanding

as the source of wisdom for living faithfully and fully into who the Spirit is calling us to become.

We value the practice of hospitality

and the grace inherent within it; welcoming others and being welcomed just as we are.

We value relationships

of authenticity, friendship, mutual exchange and love; honoring that we all have something to share and to receive.

We value diversity

as an integral element of God’s kingdom; experiencing it and expressing it through our worship and way of life.

We value all life stages

and their contributions and challenges, while acknowledging our unique responsibility toward the health and wellbeing of our children and youth.

We value time

as a profound gift and consciously seek to make the most of the opportunities within it to live passionate purposeful lives.

We value the earth

as God’s good creation and will both responsibly enjoy its beauty and care for its bounty as the stewards we are called to be.

We value justice

as a central pillar of God’s will for the world and strategically struggle for and with neighbors, both locally and globally, toward its realization.