Church is about more than just listening.
Jesus asks us to participate. Join us in serving God’s people.


Faith & Justice Team

Calvary’s Faith and Justice Committee aims to communicate, educate, and act on issues related to faith and justice. We are a Sanctuary Supporting Church, and support the sanctuary movement in our city.

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Sunday Teams

There are so many ways to help on Sunday mornings. Help make our service run smoothly by joining the Global Grounds Team, Snow Removal Team, Welcome & Greeter Team, Sound, Tech & Slides Team, Offering Collectors & Ushers, Special Events Hospitality Team, or the Announcer Team.


Worship Team

Calvary is a place with rich and diverse musical talents, and there are so many ways to share your musical gifts. Sing the gospel choir or play in the worship band on Sunday mornings or for special events.


Kids Team

Help out with the littlest ones in the Nursery, with our elementary kids in Calvary Kids Village, on Wednesday nights tutoring, or with Sheridan Story food delivery at Whittier School.


Youth Team

Volunteer downstairs in the youth room with our 6th - 9th grade youth, with our 10th - 12th grade emerging adults, or become a 1-on-1 mentor for a youth.